Madonna Rock

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Madonna Rock is a wonderful wedding site. Only a 12-minute hike along the Chapel Trail and you find yourself on a red rock platform with a wall of red rocks rising up behind you, Madonna and the Three Sisters enfolding you, and sweeping vista views of Cathedra Vista before you. It truly is a breathtakingly spectacular location. The energy here is very nurturing, magnetic and feminine. Natures own “Chapel Amphitheater,” perfect for your Sedona wedding. Parking is very limited, especially on weekends. An additional fee applies for this site. It’s one of the Top Sedona wedding sites as seen on the Sedona Wedding Find Out More

Sedona’s 7 Secret Wedding Signs Of An Ecstatic Marriage

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There is magic in every Sedona wedding. But over the many years of marrying all kinds of couples, we’ve noticed some specific “signs” that appear at weddings that have a more-special-than-usual feel. Here is our take on the seven secret signs that indicate a particularly ecstatic union. Sign #1: Guest Appearances by Wildlife wedding crasher When critters arrive at an outdoor Sedona wedding ceremony, they may bring a special blessing to the couple that can only be transferred by them. Duck may appear bearing the blessing of great abundance. Ravens overhead may signal a strong mystical union. A male and Find Out More