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Robert & Dayle’s Crystal Vortex Elopement at Magic Vista.

The Crystal Vortex Package is such a wonderful selection for those who are looking for a spiritual ceremony.

With this Crystal New Age Sedona Wedding Ceremony, you will get:

  • Aura cleansing and purification for bride and groom
  • Chakra Tuning and Alignment Ceremony for bride and groom to attune your chakras to one another
  • A Sacred Union Pouch Ceremony. Your Sacred Union Pouch will contain two red rocks infused with the vortex energy and the crystals used in your Chakra Attunement Ceremony. These will become powerful tools in balancing your energies, uniting your spirits and assisting as crystal guardians and counselors for your marriage
  • A Hapi drum serenade by your Celebrant. This special music filled with spirit and light will imbue your ceremony with a high vibration of joy