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Sedona Destination Weddings has a a special Ring Blessing Tradition. First, we fill a Tibetan Bowl with water from Oak Creek. Oak Creek is considered sacred by the local tribes. I call it the “Ganges of America.” This, then, is holy or sacred water.

The wedding rings are then placed in the water at the beginning of the ceremony. They are being cleansed and empowered with the words of the ceremony and the vows of the bride and groom.

When it’s time to exchange ring,s our officiant further blesses therRings by ringing a bell over them and calling for a blessing for the marriage and for the couple to wear these rings as a reminder of the vows they have spoken.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom and all the guests take turns scooping out a bit of the sacred water and sprinkling it on the rocks–giving the precious water back to the desert–and saying a blessing for the marriage. It’s a lovely way to include everyone in your celebration.

The last of the water is given back by the officiant with this blessing: “May the rain of blessing from this day fall on everyone.”