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“The ceremony was breathtaking and performed with such love, laughter and kindness, truly beautiful. We would recommend Sedona Destination Weddings for any couple wanting a unique, enchanting and spiritual experience.” — Candice Deutz

IMG_5182This package is for couples who want a truly spiritual New Age wedding, Sedona style. It is perfect for crystal and indigo children or anyone seeking an authentic vortex experience. The Sedona Crystal Vortex Wedding Package is a true Sedona experience – one that you will find nowhere else on earth!

Your ceremony will take place directly on a vortex site and your minister will use the Sedona vortex energy to cleanse your auras, bless your union and magnify your love in the Universe.

Your very special wedding ceremony includes a Crystal Union Pouch Ceremony with aura clearings and chakra attunement to your spouse-to-be. You will also be gifted a set of chakra crystals and a vial of blessed holy water from Oak Creek and your ceremony.

Our Sedona Crystal Vortex Wedding Package includes:

  • An ordained, non-denominational New Age celebrant to perform your Crystal New Age Sedona Wedding Ceremony
  • Consultation by email or phone to customize your vortex wedding ceremony
  • One of our photographers will take approx 150+ digital photos. You will receive a USB drive of unedited photos in the mail. You can make as many copies as you like.You have 1 hour of photography. All of the beautiful photos on our site and our blog were taken by our talented in house photographers.
  • IMG_2159Aura cleansing and purification for bride and groom
  • Chakra Tuning and Alignment Ceremony for bride and groom to attune your chakras to one another
  • Blessing of your rings in the sacred waters of Oak Creek, the Ganges of America
  • A vial of the love potion created from the sacred water used in your ceremony. This elixir will carry the vibration of your vows and capture the moment and the great love you are feeling. You can use this elixir to enhance your life together as it will instantly bring you back to the power of your love on this very special day
  • A Crystal New Age Vortex Ceremony, including:
    • A Sacred Union Pouch Ceremony. Your Sacred Union Pouch will contain two red rocks infused with the vortex energy and the crystals used in your Chakra Attunement Ceremony. These will become powerful tools in balancing your energies, uniting your spirits and assisting as crystal guardians and counselors for your marriage
    • A Hapi drum serenade by your Celebrant. This special music filled with spirit and light will imbue your ceremony with a high vibration of joy
  • Assistance in choosing the perfect red rock vortex wedding location for your Sedona wedding. The Sedona vortex will intensify all aspects of your ceremony. We will use the vortex energy to bless and sanctify your marriage. The vortex will become a place for you to return to on anniversaries to renew and recharge your connection and your vows.
  • A complimentary Ceremony Planning Packet to help you to be your best on your Special Day, including recommendations for your hair and make-up needs, musicians, limos, hotels, restaurants, videographer and more
  • All witnesses required by Arizona law

Sedona Crystal Vortex Elopement Package – $1,749.

Add a Bouquet and Boutonniere $300

ADD: All Your Beautiful Moments: The Video Slideshow Keepsake – $197

Video Slideshow Keepsake you will receive a unique and professionally edited slideshow of your ceremony that captures the best moments of your special day.

Call us for more details or to reserve your date at (928) 282-0993.

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