Outdoor Venues

Sedona has stunning outdoor wedding venues. Here is a list of some of our most popular ones.

“Getting married outdoors with one of the most beautiful red rock views in Arizona and so much positive energy was an unforgettable experience!”
— Alice and Marco P.

Huckaby Hollow

The Huckaby Hollow wedding venue is the start of a trail head a short way up Schnebly Hill. I found this lovely spot that is a natural amphitheater surrounded by gorgeous formations and an incredible vista of all of Sedona spreading out before you. Imagine your ceremony in the shade of a twisted vortex Juniper on a platform with the red monoliths of Schnebly Hill rising up above you. There are a lot of pros to this site. You can reach this site with any kind of vehicle, so no need for the expense of renting Jeeps. It is very Find Out More

Sugar Loaf

The Sugar Loaf wedding venue is one of those sweet local spots. Not many visitors find it or even know how very special Sugar Loaf is. It’s known as the very heart center of the Americas. An unassuming little knoll in the middle of West Sedona, it has wonderful views of Thunder Mountain, Coffee Pot and Chimney Rock. It’s a fabulous wedding site at sunset. The light on the mountain is amazing and you are up close and personal with them. The energy here is very heart-centered and loving, gentle and sweet and accepting. In fact, Reverend Akal and I Find Out More

Mystic Vista

This is a true hidden gem. I found out about Mystic Vista by accident when the Forestry Service kept telling me to check it out. Finally, on my birthday, I took a hike out to this amazing wedding venue. And what a birthday present it was! all you need to know about whale strandings in the uk and europe induject 250 running drills for speed | how to run faster It’s about a 20- to 25-minute hike, but on your wedding day it might be more fun to rent Jeeps or get a Jeep tour to drive everyone out to Find Out More

Back o’ Beyond

Back o’ Beyond is a fabulous spot for a morning wedding.  You are right on a platform on the side of Cathedral; Cathedral’s great spires rise behind you. There are breathtaking vistas of Bell Rock, Courthouse and Twin Buttes. This is another magnetic vortex–I call this the “Womb with a View.” Very nurturing, calming and loving energy. “Sedona Destinations provided us with a beautiful vow renewal ceremony. Back O Beyond was the perfect location with  breathtaking views. Our officiant Rebecca and photographer Aurora were remarkably warm during and after the ceremony being sure everything we wanted had happened. It was Find Out More

Bell Rock

Bell Rock is a well known Sedona monument and a perfect venue for a Sedona wedding. This venue has great views of the valley in front of it with Courthouse Rock beside it and Twin Buttes and Cathedral Rock in the distance. It’s a great spot for all size weddings. A shuttle will be required.  There is a moderate 10- 15 minute hike. There are extra fees for this site to cover vendors travel time and ride service. Bell Rock is also a major vortex site. It has very electric and powerful energy and acts like a giant transmitter. Your Find Out More

Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing is the second most photographed spot in Arizona after the Grand Canyon. We hold our wedding ceremonies on the Verde Valley School Road side of Oak Creek. At this site there is a beautiful platform to get married at, which is the optimum site for the best photos. It is spectacularly beautiful in any season with Oak Creek running through a band of dazzling green at the feet of majestic Cathedral. Mid-March to late November are the best! The energy here is warm and inviting, very feminine and nurturing. This site is easily accessible.  Weddings larger than Find Out More

Lover’s Knoll

The Lover’s Knoll outdoor wedding venue is just off a winding mountain road with world class views. There have been many car commercials filmed on this road. Spreading before you are Twin Buttes,  Lee Mountain, Courthouse Butte and Cathedral. fitness factory scholl ag (fällanden) | ☎️contact buy injectable steroids hammer fitness jump with the (free delivery) in tessin kaufen – meinwarenkorb ticino gmbh | tutti.ch Sunset is the optimum time at this site. With indescribable beauty, lighting and energy, your wedding here on the full moon will be legendary. Lover’s Knoll has easy access and parking for small sized weddings.  Find Out More

Isis Overlook

Isis Overlook is a real hidden gem and popular wedding venue in Sedona. It’s a sweet little knoll with views that sweep around you in a 360-degree span of unparalleled beauty. To the west is Cockscomb, and Doe Mesa rolling into Bear Mountain and Boynton Canyon. Then come the great pillars of Isis and all the Secret Canyon Wilderness, Brins Mesa and then the back end of Thunder Mountain. It’s right in the center of an amphitheater. You really get a sense of the majesty of nature and the indescribable beauty and power of Sedona at Isis Overlook. the trailhead Find Out More

Madonna Rock

Madonna Rock is a wonderful wedding site. Only a 12-minute hike along the Chapel Trail and you find yourself on a red rock platform with a wall of red rocks rising up behind you, Madonna and the Three Sisters enfolding you, and sweeping vista views of Cathedra Vista before you. It truly is a breathtakingly spectacular location. The energy here is very nurturing, magnetic and feminine. Natures own “Chapel Amphitheater,” perfect for your Sedona wedding. Parking is very limited, especially on weekends. An additional fee applies for this site. It’s one of the Top Sedona wedding sites as seen on the Sedona Wedding Find Out More

Merry-Go-Round Rock

The Merry-Go-Round wedding venue is part of our Sedona Adventure Package. It’s accessed over a very long and bumpy dirt road. You’ll need four-wheel drive vehicles–or even more fun is to rent pink Jeeps (they even put a JUST MARRIED sign on the back of the Jeep for the ride down.)  We only use this site in conjunction with our Adventure Packages.  They require at least one Pink jeep rental. The experience takes 3 hours and there are additional fees for all vendors at this site. The ride is worth it, though. Merry-Go-Round is up at the top of Schnebly Find Out More

Cathedral Vista

The Cathedral Vista wedding venue (also known as Secret Slick Rock) is one of those locations that looks great at sunset and all year round. Known for its gorgeous expanse with one of the best views of Cathedral in Sedona, this venue makes for otherworldly wedding photos. There is a 15 – 20 -minute moderate to hard hike to access this location–note that it’s not one of our “easy access” sites–but it’s well worth the effort for adventurous couples and seekers of extravagantly beautiful photo ops. There is an additional fee for all vendors for this site, due to additional Find Out More

Airport Vortex

Airport Vortex is one of my all time favorite places on the planet and the perfect venue for a Sedona wedding. This vortex has such powerful and transformational energy; it is an electric/magnetic vortex. That means it’s balanced between male and female. Take a look at some of the weddings we’ve conducted at Airport Vortex. You can feel the joy! httpvh://youtu.be/LcCiJg14nuQ “Sedona Destinations provided a unique and stress-free experience for our amazing wedding. It was a beautiful and magical experience at the Airport Vortex. We chose the Southwestern Elopement Package, and also took the wedding prep and site tour. Reverend Akal Find Out More