Wedding Officiants Sedona Arizona

“After reviewing many websites, we decided on Sedona Destination Weddings and we are so glad we did. Our wedding was so beautiful! Breathtaking view! Our minister Rebecca was so sweet and awesome!! Photographer was so great!!! Everything went so smooth! We loved the site they suggested. It was so beautifull!!! Thanks so much for making our wedding special!!!! We will never forget them!!” — Robin & Alice Krombholz

“What an amazing day! It couldn’t have been any better. It was so much fun. The scenery was beautiful at Bell Rock. We loved Shaman Akal and the ceremony he performed for us. We also added on the crystal chakra cleansing which meant a lot to us as well. We planned all of this in 5 days. Everyone was so helpful and nice. Love our pictures too. You are all amazing. Thank you so much for making our special day unforgettable. It will always bring smiles and laughs to us. We love Sedona!” — Heidi Hughey

My husband, Reverend Akal and I are so pleased that you have found us at Sedona Destination Weddings. It is a great honor and a privilege for us to be a part of so many beautiful, special and loving moments in people’s lives. We both love to officiate at weddings. Weddings in Sedona are such positive, happy, life and love-affirming celebrations. We would love to assist you in creating the Sedona wedding ceremony of your dreams, a ceremony unique to you that will truly express who you both are.

Sedona and her beautiful red rocks and mystical vortexes will be an awesome backdrop for your special day. There are so many very powerful wedding sites to choose from here in Sedona, ranging from red rock cathedrals, vortexes with sweeping vistas to an Old Spanish style chapel. We will help you choose the perfect place for you. It will become your special place that you can return to many times in person on your anniversaries or simply in your hearts and dreams.

Reverend Akal and I spoke our vows under a sacred Juniper Tree in the shadow of Sugar Loaf. This red rock mound has become a very dear place of retreat for us over the years. We call it the Wedding Tree and often go there to reaffirm our love and commitment.

All of our Officiants are very experienced and deeply committed to making your Union and your Wedding Day Memorable and very, very Special.  Our Officiants have been marrying people for many years with hundreds of happy couples.  We have Celebrants, Shamans, Priests, Non- denominational Ministers and Doctorates in Ministry.  Be assured that your Officiant will be joyous, kind and loving and your Wedding Ceremony truly and richly vibrant and Sacred.

For all of us at Sedona Destinations this is a Vocation of service and Love.

We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your special day.

Reverends Iala and Akal