“Iala and Akal made our wedding one of the peak spiritual and emotional experiences of our lives–if not THE peak! Thank you. From the bottom and tops of our hearts we thank you, dear brother and sister. Thank you!” — Juanita and Kevin

Join uscather in Sedona for a Wedding Week Retreat, just you and your beloved or with your bridal party.

The Sedona Wedding Week Retreat will give you an opportunity to really experience Sedona and enjoy the finest tours, treatments, and therapies available.

May we suggest that you plan to arrive in town a few days before your wedding. That will give you plenty of time to get your marriage license and connect deeply with your beloved in this very beautiful and sacred landscape.

We can create a retreat just for you. You may select tours and sessions from our menu or may we recommend our signature Wedding Week Retreat, which includes:

Sedona Wedding Retreat: Day One

IMG_3577Get your marriage license in the morning and then in the afternoon go on a Wedding Site Vortex Tour. You will visit magnetic, electric and balanced vortexes. Your guide will assist you in connecting with each energy. You will then choose which site feels the best for both of you and which you are most drawn to for your wedding site. (3 hours)

Sedona Wedding Retreat: Day Two

In the morning, you will go on a private Dosha Tour. Your guide will take you to one of Sedona’s power spots and reveal your doshas (Ayurvedic personality types) to you. She will teach you how to balance your doshas through meditation, breath work and yoga poses. She will also share ways to gain harmony and balance with each other, giving you more insight into yourself and your beloved. (2 hours)

IMG_5307In the afternoon, you will each have a relaxing and very therapeutic and healing Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment. Our therapists are masters of this modality. It will be a one-of-a-kind session that you will love! (1 hour each)

And then, a Private Spiritual Counseling Session. You will each have an hour with a counselor to fully center yourself, set personal intentions, and prepare yourself for your wedding day. (1 hour each)

Sedona Retreat: Day Three

You will each experience a very rejuvenating and relaxing cranial sacral therapy session. (90 minutes each)

IMG_0176Sunset Meditation and Couples Spiritual Counseling Session on the Rocks. Deeply connect and prepare for your wedding day! Be truly present with each other and for each other, creating a powerful intimacy for your wedding. (2 hours)

Sedona Retreat: Day Four

Your Sedona wedding will be a magical and special day. You will be deeply connected and present and available to experience the most important day of your life. Your wedding will be held at the site you have both chosen to magnify and intensify your experience. It will definitely be a day you will hold dear in your hearts and remember always!

The Sedona Wedding Week Retreat … $1,999. 

Plus 20% gratuity and applicable taxes

(Price does not include gratuities or wedding package. Call for prices for larger parties if you would like to include family members or friends.)

To book your Wedding Week Retreat or to find out more, call us today at (928) 282-0993.

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