in In The News

Weddings in Sedona Arizona may be surprising in more ways than the beauty of the land.  Sedona is known for its magical synchronistic happenings.  We all got to witness this first-hand at one of our Sedona weddings held at the spectacularly stunning Red Rock Crossing  wedding venue in Sedona.

Our groom had brought his own boutonniere, but had neglected to bring any pins to fasten it to his jacket.  There was a brief moment of worry, then our photographer looked down, and what did she see, but two pins sitting out on the rock.  We had not brought those pins, nor had the bride or groom.

Normally we are disappointed when we see objects left behind by other Red Rock Crossing visitors, but that day it was a different response.  We were all silent, then began laughing.

It was another example of a wedding in Sedona filled with surprises and little gifts. Things really do have a way of working out here…