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This photo is of a very ecstatic Ralph and Marcy on their Sedona Wedding Day last September.

Ralph and Marcy are high school sweethearts with a great story. They went their own way in life and both got married to other people. It was Ralph’s ex-wife of 19 years who found Marcy on the internet and gave her contact info to Ralph!

They reconnected and have been together ever since.

Ralph took great pains to arrange the perfect Sedona elopement. He booked our Sedona Memories Package.

We arranged the site permit and met him at the Back o’ Beyond Trailhead with a photographer, officiant and one witness. That’s when Ralph and Marcy realized they left their wedding rings back at the hotel.

Thinking quickly, our witness fashioned two beautiful rings from some red string he found in his car. We all laughed so much at these new rings and yet when the time came to exchange rings and the strings were blessed and they tied them on each others fingers–those rings became a symbol of all they had been through to come to that moment. There were tears in all of our eyes as those string rings became more precious than gold.

Less really is more–you can tell by their leap of joy!