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While there’s no denying how fun it is to find your perfect invites, the proper wording can be a bit confusing. Proclaiming “I do” in a church or outside? How to introduce the reception that follows? Fret no longer friends, we have Mrs. John L. Strong here to help; with 85+ years of experience, they know a thing or two on the do’s and don’ts of the oh so important invitation language!

1. What is the appropriate wording for getting married in a place of worship vs elsewhere?

If you’re getting married in a place of worship, we use the term “honor of your presence” instead of “pleasure of your company”. It has nothing to do with the formality of the wedding itself (i.e. cocktail or black tie), strictly the venue.

2. Do you write honor (the American English way) or honour (the old English spelling) on wedding invitations? What about favor vs favour?

Both ways are grammatically correct. The decision is up to you and comes down to personal preference. At Mrs. John L. Strong, we prefer the American English version, unless you are English.

3. What is the appropriate verbiage when it comes to the reception?

There are a few different options, including “dinner and dancing to follow,” “reception to follow,” “reception immediately following,” “and afterwards at the reception” – the choice is up to you!

4. What is the etiquette when it comes to monograms on invitations?

If clients use a monogram on the invitation it should be the first initials of the bride and groom. Since invitations are sent out before the actual ceremony, they have not been united in holy matrimony yet so it’s improper to use the groom’s surname initial (assuming the bride takes his name). You can use the full married monogram on menu cards, escort cards and place cards (since these are all used after the actual ceremony).

5. What’s the etiquette for a traditional wedding suite?

In a traditional wedding suite, an invitation and RSVP are included. A reception card is only included if the reception is taking place at a location other than the location of the ceremony. Typically and traditionally, wedding invitations are assembled in size order, with each card face-up, starting with the invitation. There are of course deviations depending on the size, orientation and number of items. With engraving, we have a tissue overlay on top of each engraved item to protect it. When the invitation goes through USPS, the invitation can be jostled which can cause friction on the ink and paper, so we always require tissue overlays with our engraving. Another way to avoid damaging your invitations is to take your envelopes to the post office and request hand cancel. This helps preserve the integrity of the envelope and its contents!

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