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When you’re looking for a videographer, it’s important to watch lot of wedding films, and get a sense of the story you want yours to tell.

Many will capture the full event; getting ready, all the vows, the speeches and your first dance, and most will also create a short highlight film that sums up your day.

But if you’re really lucky, you’ll get a highlight film like Rose & Boris’.

Gordon Wedding Films captured not only a beautiful snapshot of their chateau wedding in France, but also gave a real sense of this couple, their love story, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

And that’s pretty special, right?

Scroll down to hit play, but first up hear more about this gorgeous destination wedding, from the lady who filmed it, Meryll De Gordon

From the Filmmaker

What a lovely and exciting wedding I lived! When Boris called me in the early 2016, something happened. He was smiling, laughing, joking on the phone, I knew this was going to be a nice wedding.

But when it happened, it was more than just a cool and funny day, it was a luxurious wedding. Not only the venue was great – a beautiful castle in France, people were classy and so friendly.

I’m a great fan of audio in films, it gives me something more human than just video shots and musics.

I first interviewed Rose, a very charming person and then Boris, a real lover man! Both told me adorable things about each other, even some fun facts. I couldn’t wait to edit this private moment in my film!

I truly appreciated the way they took care of the suppliers, how they were available for shootings any time of the day.

They mixed two cultures with talent, Persian & North American traditions. Obviously, Rose & Boris are… those guys you want to be friend of !

Great times, Great people, Great wedding.

Watch Rose & Boris’ Beautiful Wedding Film

Rose & Boris // HighLight from Meryll De Gordon (Réalisateur) on Vimeo.

So dreamy, right? Destination wedding films are always swoon-worthy, but add a French chateau and a couple as in love as this pair, and it’s the stuff of dreams!

Thanks so much to Meryll of Gordon Wedding Films, and of course, Rose & Boris and Bridal Musings for sharing their beautiful wedding film with us.

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