in Getting Married In Sedona is a Magical and Beautiful Experience

There is magic in every Sedona wedding. But over the many years of marrying all kinds of couples, we’ve noticed some specific “signs” that appear at weddings that have a more-special-than-usual feel. Here is our take on the seven secret signs that indicate a particularly ecstatic union.

Sign #1: Guest Appearances by Wildlife

wedding crasher

wedding crasher

When critters arrive at an outdoor Sedona wedding ceremony, they may bring a special blessing to the couple that can only be transferred by them. Duck may appear bearing the blessing of great abundance. Ravens overhead may signal a strong mystical union. A male and female frog pair may be an indication of a strong, lifelong bond.

ravens in Sedona sky

wildlife bring their own special blessings to a Sedona wedding

Bride and groom can take a moment, if they choose, to clear their minds and meditate upon the honored guest(s), allowing Spirit to speak to them and bring them the blessings of nature on their magical day.

honored guests

honored guests

Sign #2: Precipitation Before, During or After the Ceremony

Does the thought of an outdoor wedding bring up fears of inclement weather? Well, you need to be comfortable with your choices, of course. And we have graciously and seamlessly guided couples to cover whenever needed.  But as for the sudden display of nature our couples usually say, “Snow what!”  And that’s because a shower’s clearing or wedding whiteness in winter make some of the most stunning weddings possible.


snow what!

Whether the weather is rain or snow or hail, precipitation has long been acknowledged as an auspicious sign of spiritual clearing and purification. If you should be so fortunate as to experience this blessing of nature, you can be assured your union is starting with a fresh, clean slate for you and your beloved to write upon and the new growth that follows the rains.


snow and rain will bring clearing and purification to any ceremony

Sign #3: Rainbow Magic

This is an easy one! There’s nothing as magical as spotting an incandescent multi-colored arc suddenly appearing in the sky overhead as you make your vows or drive to or from the ceremony.

rainbow over Courthouse Butte

rainbow over Courthouse Butte

Rainbows are a brilliant sign of good fortune, a radiant reflection of the glory of higher worlds coalescing into the physical plane. How amazing to see the colors stretch across the sky over the land especially for you on your wedding day. It will absolutely make your heart leap with joy!


rainbows are a glorious sign of fortune, promise and hope

Sign #4: Wedding Orbs

Sometimes you can only feel the magic around you, but not see it…until it shows up in your photographs as beautiful circles of light.

special energy or visitors can often be felt but not seen...until you see your photos

special energy or visitors can often be felt but not seen…until you see your photos

Orbs have been said to indicate the presence of angels, fairies or loved ones who are with you in spirit. When you see these in your photographs you can be sure that you have been visited by some very special company who are making their presence known to you.


just streaming sunlight or otherworldly visitors? you be the judge!


Sign #5: Spontaneous Displays of Great Joy

Elation moving through the bride and groom is always a good sign at any wedding ceremony. But there is something about being outdoors in the great expanse of nature, in the elevating vortex energy of Sedona, that really lends itself to spontaneous displays of great joy.

leap for joy

leap for joy

Being with the one you love, surrounded by great beauty and buoyant energy…who wouldn’t feel like this?

surrendered to the moment

surrendered to the moment


a bride's answer to "How much do you love your husband?"

a bride’s answer to “How much do you love your husband?”

Sign #6: The Look of Love

Nothing compares to the energy of the heart shining in the eyes of someone in love as they gaze at their beloved. This transfer of love energy is one of the clearest signs of an ecstatic union. Call it adoration, elevation, radiation–whatever it is called, it is beautiful to behold.

look of love

the look of love

the heart shows through the eyes


oct 07 11 183

wedding bliss

a touching moment

a touching moment

Sign #7: The Best Kisses Ever

When the world spins away and you and your beloved become one in a single kiss, you have embodied the formula for ecstatic union.

when the world falls away

when the world falls away

oct 22 11 104

lost in each other

may 31 11 221

and the twain shall become one flesh

There you have it. Sedona Destination Weddings’ unique take on the seven signs of an ecstatic union.

We love weddings and we love love. And when you’re ready, we’d love to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

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