Sedona Celtic Vow Renewal Ceremony

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 The “Sedona Celtic” Vow Renewal Ceremony includes: One of our Celebrants who is an ordained non-denominational minister Consultation by email or phone to create your customized Celtic wedding celebration One of our photographers will take approx 150+ digital photos. You will receive a USB drive of unedited photos in the mail. You can make as many copies as you like. You have 1 hour of photography. All of the beautiful photos on our site and our blog were taken by our talented in-house photographers A Celtic Ceremony including: Casting of the Sacred Circle, Invoking the Four Directions, Aligning with the Elements, Find Out More

Sedona Crystal Vortex Vow Renewal Ceremony

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 Your “Sedona Crystal Vortex” Vow Renewal Ceremony includes: An ordained, non-denominational New Age celebrant to perform your Crystal New Age Sedona Vow Renewal Aura clearings for both husband and wife Chakra Tuning and Alignment for husband and wife A Crystal Union Pouch with the crystals used in your chakra attunement and red rocks from the vortex A vial of blessed holy water from Oak Creek which will hold the vibration of your special day and your love for each other Consultation by email or phone to create your customized New Age vow renewal A Hapi drum serenade by your celebrant–truly an angelic Find Out More

The New Old West

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This is such a fun and fabulous idea. An Old Western Style Wedding in the Red Rocks. These His and her Cowboy hats look so romantic with a beautiful bouquet in the Sunset. YeeHaa!

Sedona Prayer Rocks

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You see these piles of rocks or cairns all over Sedona. I call them “rock stupas.” Each rock is a prayer balanced precariously on another prayer. In some spiritual Sedona vortexes, there are hundreds of these cairns piled up–rock gardens of prayer. These rock stupas graced a wonderful vow renewal ceremony. Our couple added two rocks or two prayers of their own. Take a few deep breaths, relax and send your own prayers into the rocks. Many blessings!

Including Children In Your Sedona Wedding Ceremony

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Often a wedding ceremony blends a new family. Grooms instantly become fathers–and bride’s become mothers. Sometimes the new family includes children from both sides. It’s a wonderful idea to include your children in your ceremony. There are so many ways to do it. Including a child makes them feel a part of the new family, welcomed and valuable. You may want to do a Candle Ceremony that includes a candle for the child. Or a Sand Ceremony in which the children each have their own vessel of colored sand to add to the blended sand vessel. Or you and your Find Out More