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We traveled from the gorgeous ocean seacoast of our home in Nova Scotia to experience something completely different for our wedding day …. the magical, red mountain, blue skies, breathtaking beautiful desert of Sedona.

We don’t know why Sedona called to us, a couple of East Coast salty, rainy, maritimers like us, but it did! And we decided it was THE place for our special day. A gorgeous destination for our wedding.

I contacted Sedona Destination Weddings, along with three other companies in Sedona to help make our plans of a desert wedding come true. Sedona Destination Weddings answered my email in less than 4 hours, with all the information and helpfulness we could ever ask for. (Incidentally, no other company has ever contacted me in all this time!)

During the next 9 months of planning they were with us every step of the way. We did everything through email, with the time difference this was easiest for me. I was never left waiting for answers to any question that came up. Every plan we made together was perfect! No stress at all.

Arriving at the wedding site the day of our wedding was everything we imagined it would be. Sedona Destination Weddings had our information and plans all in order for us. Our team of wedding officiate and witnesses made us instantly comfortable. They were happy, caring, spiritual and organized.

The location we picked, Red Rock Crossing, was absolutely stunning. We knew how much we loved each other, and wanted to make a commitment to each other, however, we never imagined how powerful the energy at our site would add so much to our ceremony. We felt the spirit of that land deep in our souls.

The wedding was a magical, spiritual and a deeply soul connecting experience. We loved the vows we picked, with the Apache blessing and pouch ceremony. We both said afterwards that during the pouch blessing we literally felt our hearts (and our families) connect as one! Our happiness was abundant for all of us (Pat, Sharon and Scott and a few hikers too) to experience!!!

We feel blessed and truly overjoyed with our experience in Sedona and are especially thankful to Sedona Destination Weddings, for making our dreams come true!

Chris and Cristine Thorne of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada