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White dress, red rocks? No problem!

Sometimes when we’re booking outdoor Sedona weddings, our clients are initially concerned with how they can get to a beautiful red rock venue without getting dirty or sweaty. Fortunately, a number of wedding venues in Sedona are very easy to access.

One site that’s well known is the Red Rock Crossing venue. This venue is an easy walk down a dirt road and small hill. You are at the creek side in a matter of minutes.  And the view there–with the creek by your side and Cathedral Rock overlooking the ceremony–is magical.

A lesser-known Sedona wedding venue is that of Huckabee. An easy drive from anywhere in Sedona, you can walk from the parking lot to incredible views in a matter of seconds. Although the views from Huckabee are supreme, it remains a surprisingly quiet site for weddings.

Both of these sites offer all you want in a Sedona wedding venue. Add in one of our Sedona wedding photographers to capture the beauty of your special day!