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Flash back to September 22: Superman married his Lois Lane or Miss Lille at Airport Vortex. It was the Fall Equinox and a powerful day and a powerful ceremony.

They chose from our Sedona Wedding Packages. It was a two-day, never-to-be-forgotten event.

Lille and Superman went out onto the vortexes with Akal and had a chance to really connect with the energies have a transformational experience. Together they chose the wedding site that they both Superman and Lille resonated with.

The wedding day was very intense–everything from sunshine to hail! I was not worried a bit. I knew that the Spirit of Sedona would shine on us all and that Airport would shelter us for as long as we needed. Sure enough, the sun came out the minute we all arrived and we had exactly enough sun to get us through the entire ceremony and lots of photos afterwards. Lille and Superman were truly blessed. The rain around us was another level of blessing–a special anointing by the Divine and a great gift to the desert.

Lille tells the story best on her blog. And she’s made a lovely little video, so I’ll let her take over from here.

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