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married couple at airport vortex wedding venue

Airport Mesa Vortex is perfect for small weddings

Airport Vortex is one of my all time favorite Sedona wedding venues on the planet. This vortex has such powerful and transformational energy. This is an electric/magnetic vortex. That means it is balanced between male and female. This wedding couple chose our Sacred Sedona Wedding Package to fulfill their dream wedding.

This is a two-day event. On day one, the bride and groom went on a powerful vortex tour with our Shaman, Akal. He took them out to many of the weddings sites, helped them access the energies and prepared them for their wedding day.

On this tour, the bride and groom have an opportunity to really feel which site they both resonate with. This couple chose Airport Vortex and so the next day their lovely, intimate wedding was held on Airport Mesa.

Airport Mesa Vortex is perfect for small weddings since parking is very limited and the access path can be daunting to wedding guests.

But the photo ops are incredible. On your hike in, you have sweeping views of all of West Sedona including Cockscomb, Bear Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Coffeepot, Wilson Mountain and Shiprock. At the wedding site itself, you have views of Twin Buttes, Lee Mountain, Courthouse, Bell Rock and Cathedral. Visit this page for more glorious pictures of Airport Vortex.