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Outdoor weddings hold unique charms. Sedona weddings do, as well. Combine the two — Sedona outdoor weddings — and you have an incredible start to your new life together.

My favorite reason for having your Sedona wedding in an outdoor venue is simple — connecting to nature while celebrating your love.

The natural world is always growing and renewing — a perfect reflection of your new future as husband and wife.  Just as is so often quoted in respect to the wedding couple, nature also is not petty, does not hold grudges, and is always in a process of change and growth.

Another reason for choosing a Sedona wedding venue is obvious to anyone who has spent time on the Sedona land — it is breathtakingly beautiful. Whether you are drawn to water, overlooks, easy access or a bit of a hike, Sedona outdoor weddings have it all. Even just a peek at the wedding photos taken by our in-house wedding photographers instantly reveals the glorious backdrops.

For your wedding, such photos become more than just visual evidence of your ceremony — gazing upon them after your wedding can transport you back to the entirety of your wedding experience — the smells, the feel of the breeze, the sound of the birds, the firmness of the earth under y0ur feet. Perhaps you see a  butterfly, or maybe it’s a great blue heron or hummingbird that stops time for a moment… an outdoor wedding has layers of experience that will linger long after that special day.