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If  you’re thinking about having a winter wedding, there are a couple of additional things you might need to add to your checklist so you can keep your guests warm and well pleased.

Whether you are facilitating your wedding in a place where it’s very cold or a place with a more mellow climate, here are things that your will keep your guests comfortable and impressed.


5 Things All Guests Love at Winter Weddings

There’s nothing like cozy winter nuptials in a snow-covered locale, but if you’re planning a winter wedding, there are a few extra things you may want to add to your guest list so that you can keep your guests happy, and warm, during your celebration. Whether you are hosting your wedding in a… Read more at

The winter season has a magical vibe that gives weddings an extraordinary touch.  Here are various color scheme ideas that we can use for a perfect winter wedding.


17 Unique Winter Wedding Color Palettes to Swoon Over

If you’re looking for something other than red plaid and pine branches, these seasonal color palettes will give you those same glam vibes without sacrificing a bit of style. Fuel your winter wonderland wedding dreams and gather some inspiration for a unique wedding with… Read more at