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IMG_9586IMG_3643What is hand fasting?

In the Celtic tradition, couples would have their hands bound together for part of the ceremony. Couples would also perform this ceremony themselves until someone came through the village who could perform marriages. This binding of hands has given us the expression “tying the knot.”

Here’s an excerpt from the Hand Fasting Ceremony:

“With the fashioning of this knot
do I tie all the desires, dreams, love, and happiness
wished here in this place to your lives
for as long as love shall last.

In the joining of hands and the fashion of a knot,
so are your lives now bound,
one to another.

By this cord, you are thus bound to your vow.
May this knot remain tied
for as long as love shall last.”

The Hand Fasting Ceremony is conducted in all of our Celtic packages and ceremonies: The Sedona Celtic Wedding Package, The Sedona Celtic Elopement PackageThe Sedona Celtic Vow Renewal Ceremony and The Sedona Celtic Commitment Ceremony. It can also be added to any wedding or elopement package or ceremony of your choice.

Here’s a Video Keepsake of a Sedona Spirit Wedding Package held at Red Rock Crossing that included hand fasting in the ceremony…