Sedona Best Man

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This is Abner. He played quite a part in a recent Sedona elopement. Abner looked quite fetching in his tuxedo collar. He gave the bride away and was the ring bearer. He also thoughtfully sat on her train so she wouldn’t float away in bliss. He was a great addition to the wedding. And he got to have a lovely cool off in the Oak Creek. Having your beloved pet at your ceremony is a sweet touch!

Shamanic Sedona Song

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At this intimate wedding along the banks of Oak Creek, our Shaman Akal serenades the couple with his drum singing solo. In of the most unusual and sacred Sedona wedding packages you can hear Akal’s drum songs are moving, memorable and once in a lifetime. He creates his song from the energy of the moment. This song was heard on the wind for a moment and remains in the heart forever. Check out the beautful Shamanic Sedona wedding video. Our Shamanic Sedona Package is truly one of a kind!


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This shot is of recently couple Jesse and Chassity DeLahoussaye, recently married by Rev. Patricia Fonseca. Chassity had this to say about her wedding day… Sedona Destination Weddings provided us with a stress-free wedding day. Jesse and I were married on August 1, 2014 at Lover’s Knoll. They made our special day one we will cherish forever. It was so unique and made just for us. It was beautiful, amazing and breathtaking!!! Just some of their stunning photos:  

Civil Unions

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Civil unions are now recognized by the City of Sedona, Arizona. As of October 24, 2013, the City of Sedona has provided a registry for two unmarried persons who share “a relationship of mutual support, caring and commitment” to document their relationship legally. What is a Civil Union? A civil union is a legally recognized form of partnership similar to marriage. In some places, civil unions are confined to gay and lesbian weddings and in others, such as Sedona, they are not. The general purpose of a civil union is to provide the legal protections provided by marriage to couples who Find Out More

Beautiful Sedona Bride

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Crystal Vortex Sedona Weddings Packages Offered at Outdoor Venues What could be more beautiful than a lovely Bride all in White at the foot of Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing Sedona – just as Sunset. this picture is one for the family heirlooms. All our Sedona Destination Weddings make beautiful memories. This was a wonderful Elopement. Part of our wonderful new Elopement Package with Kokopelli Suites in Sedona. Call us for more details at 928 282-0993 and book your Romantic Elopement today!! Or visit us online to see all of our Sedona elopement packages.

Serious Commitment

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I wanted to share this with you! Our bride and groom on Valentine’s Day went so far as to have each others’ names tattooed on their arms. The groom said that she did hers first as a gift to him. It freaked him out at first, but then he got one too and he went even bigger. Now that’s a serious commitment! More wedding tattoos here.

A Spiritual And Romantic Marriage Ceremony

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  I married my best friend at Red Rock Crossing on April 21, 2014, and Sedona Destination Weddings really and truly wowed us with their uniqueness, consideration, expertise, and good vibes. They really went above and beyond to make our special day magical and even surprising but all in good ways. These good people know what they’re doing, are nice and pleasant to work with, very accommodating, and we would work with them again to renew our vows without a doubt. I highly recommend their services, and we were so happy that we chose them to help us put together Find Out More

Fall Weddings In Sedona

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Fall is a very special time in Sedona. The weather is perfect with temperatures in the low 80’s and the bluest skies you have ever seen. Sedona’s red rocks stand out crisp and clear in this autumn light. A Sedona wedding in the autumn is truly magical. Any time of the day is special. Early mornings have a glow that  feels otherworldly. Sunsets are full of reds and golds and magenta. The sun is kind and gentle in the fall here in the high desert. All of our Fall brides shine with a very serene inner and outer light. Take a look at Find Out More

30 Thousand Weddings On 10-10-10 In America

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10-10-10 was a fabulous day!! Sedona Destination Weddings did eight weddings today. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the temperature was perfect. Sedona was the ultimate place to have a 10-10-10 wedding. I heard on the news that 30,000 couples got married on that day!! Talk about popular. 35 of those couples got married at Red Rock Crossing here in Sedona. Red Rock Crossing was the most popular location and 7 of our Weddings took place there. At one point my husband was on one side of the Creek marrying a couple, I was on the other and Find Out More

Huckaby Hollow

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The Huckaby Hollow wedding venue is the start of a trail head a short way up Schnebley Hill. I found this lovely spot that is a natural amphitheater surrounded by gorgeous formations and an incredible vista of all of Sedona spreading out before you. Imagine your ceremony in the shade of a twisted vortex Juniper on a platform with the red monoliths of Schnebley Hill rising up above you. There are a lot of pros to this site. You can reach this site with any kind of vehicle, so no need for the expense of renting Jeeps. It is very Find Out More


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Sedona Destination Weddings is honored to be a part of the Sedona Weddings of our Military Men and Women. We have officiated many Military Weddings and will be honored to have yours here in Sedona. Call us today at 928 282-0993 to start planning your Sedona Wedding. We are proud to support our Troops and to help make your Sedona Wedding pure magic.

Sugar Loaf

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The Sugar Loaf wedding venue is one of those sweet local spots. Not many visitors find it or even know how very special Sugar Loaf is. It’s known as the very heart center of the Americas. An unassuming little knoll in the middle of West Sedona, it has wonderful views of Thunder Mountain, Coffee Pot and Chimney Rock. It’s a fabulous wedding site at sunset. The light on the mountain is amazing and you are up close and personal with them. The energy here is very heart-centered and loving, gentle and sweet and accepting. In fact, Reverend Akal and I Find Out More

Mystic Vista

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This is a true hidden gem. I found out about Mystic Vista by accident when the Forestry Service kept telling me to check it out. Finally, on my birthday, I took a hike out to this amazing wedding venue. And what a birthday present it was! It’s about a 20- to 25-minute hike, but on your wedding day it might be more fun to rent Jeeps or get a Jeep tour to drive everyone out to this incredible knoll. There is an additional fee for all vendors for this site, due to additional time needed to access it. It has views Find Out More

Back o’ Beyond

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Back o’ Beyond is a fabulous spot for a morning wedding.  You are right on a platform on the side of Cathedral; Cathedral’s great spires rise behind you. There are breathtaking vistas of Bell Rock, Courthouse and Twin Buttes. This is another magnetic vortex–I call this the “Womb with a View.” Very nurturing, calming and loving energy. “Sedona Destinations provided us with a beautiful vow renewal ceremony. Back O Beyond was the perfect location with  breathtaking views. Our officiant Rebecca and photographer Aurora were remarkably warm during and after the ceremony being sure everything we wanted had happened. It was Find Out More