Magical Synchronistic Sedona Weddings

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Weddings in Sedona Arizona may be surprising in more ways than the beauty of the land.  Sedona is known for its magical synchronistic happenings.  We all got to witness this first-hand at one of our Sedona weddings held at the spectacularly stunning Red Rock Crossing  wedding venue in Sedona. Our groom had brought his own boutonniere, but had neglected to bring any pins to fasten it to his jacket.  There was a brief moment of worry, then our photographer looked down, and what did she see, but two pins sitting out on the rock.  We had not brought those pins, nor had Find Out More

Magical Sedona Wedding Recipe

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Take: Desert sunset World famous Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Crossing Stunning bride Gorgeous dress Mix together with love and tenderness, humor and joy and you have the perfect recipe for a fabulous, unforgettable, romantic and magical Sedona Destination Wedding! This truly was a day that this bride will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Madonna Rock Over The Chapel

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Madonna Rock is one of Sedona’s incredible landmarks. Madonna Rock is located at the far side of Twin Buttes. She is enfolded by the Pinnacles known as The Three Sisters or the Nuns. She watches over the Chapel built on the rocks. Madonna holds her Beloved Child and looks out over a wondrous landscape that includes Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Cathedral Rock. Her beauty is breathtaking. Madonna rises up over Chapel Trail. This is one of our very favorite wedding sites. It is a large red rock platform under Madonna reached by a 15-minute moderate hike. The area is Find Out More

Less Is More For This Sedona Elopement

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This photo is of a very ecstatic Ralph and Marcy on their Sedona Wedding Day last September. Ralph and Marcy are high school sweethearts with a great story. They went their own way in life and both got married to other people. It was Ralph’s ex-wife of 19 years who found Marcy on the internet and gave her contact info to Ralph! They reconnected and have been together ever since. Ralph took great pains to arrange the perfect Sedona elopement. He booked our Sedona Memories Package. We arranged the site permit and met him at the Back o’ Beyond Trailhead Find Out More

Joining Two Lives Together

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We have so many beautiful pictures of two hands joining. Our couples holding hands are a symbol of the joining of two lives, two separate histories, two families uniting to form a new path and a new life before them. The rings they wear are a symbol of the vows they have spoken to one another. May these rings be to the end of their lives their most precious adornment.

In The Flow Sedona Wedding Moment at Red Rock Crossing

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This lovely bride is enjoying the moments after her Sedona wedding by getting “in the flow” — standing on a red rock in the middle of Oak Creek.  You may want to tap into this same energy by choosing Red Rock Crossing as your Sedona wedding venue. The Red Rock Crossing of Oak Creek is indeed a very powerful site.  Overlooking the ceremony is Cathedral Rock, known as the most feminine vortex.  Cathedral Rock provides a calming energy — great for soothing those weddings jitters! It is also considered an “incoming energy” connection — a place to open up to receive what you invite Find Out More

Hear Your Wedding Bells On Bell Rock in Sedona!

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Looking to experience your Sedona Destination Wedding on an iconic rock formation and major vortex center?  If so, our Bell Rock is one of the top Sedona wedding venues and is more than likely the perfect spot for you to get married! Bell Rock’s beauty is undeniable, and it’s shape is so inviting. It’s kind of like getting married on a giant chocolate kiss — and what could be sweeter than that? The hike is suitable for most — 5-10 minutes on an even trail, then 2 minutes of path incline. Once your site is reached, the views are incredible. Gazing around, Find Out More

Happy Couple Wedding at Airport Vortex in Sedona

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Thank you so much Iala and Akal for making our elopement so incredibly special.  You really did take great care of us since the first time we spoke until even after our wedding and never let us down, for that we are truly grateful. Our family was far away but you were all so welcoming, made us feel comfortable and at ease with your awesome personalities that it really took the edge off.  We felt like we known you all for years and we were not alone on our day. We are still amazed at how stress free everything was Find Out More

Great Joy

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When we asked this Sedona Destination Weddings’ bride, “How much do you love your new husband?” She responded by throwing her arms up with joy as if to embrace the entire moment. She loves him so much that she planned the perfect romantic elopement to Sedona. Sedona did not disappoint.  She enveloped this joyous couple with a stunning sunset at spectacular Red Rock Crossing with majestic Cathedral Rock rising up above. This was a moment and a wedding that her groom will hold dear in his heart forever. This is what pulling off the perfect Sedona elopement looks like.  Pure Find Out More

Eloping At Bell Rock At Sunset

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  We eloped to Sedona to have a small wedding at Bell Rock at sunset (~15 people). It was so beautiful and everything that we could’ve ever wanted! We live in Colorado, and it was also very easy to arrange exactly what we wanted via phone and email. They gave suggestions on all the wedding planning details such as where to stay etc, which was super helpful, given that we live 12 hours away. Again, the location was BEAUTIFUL and the venue was great! Above all else, our wedding was fun, simple, and STRESS-FREE!

Easy Access Wedding Venues In Sedona

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White dress, red rocks? No problem! Sometimes when we’re booking outdoor Sedona weddings, our clients are initially concerned with how they can get to a beautiful red rock venue without getting dirty or sweaty. Fortunately, a number of wedding venues in Sedona are very easy to access. One site that’s well known is the Red Rock Crossing venue. This venue is an easy walk down a dirt road and small hill. You are at the creek side in a matter of minutes.  And the view there–with the creek by your side and Cathedral Rock overlooking the ceremony–is magical. A lesser-known Sedona Find Out More

Hand Fasting

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What is hand fasting? In the Celtic tradition, couples would have their hands bound together for part of the ceremony. Couples would also perform this ceremony themselves until someone came through the village who could perform marriages. This binding of hands has given us the expression “tying the knot.” Here’s an excerpt from the Hand Fasting Ceremony: “With the fashioning of this knot do I tie all the desires, dreams, love, and happiness wished here in this place to your lives for as long as love shall last. In the joining of hands and the fashion of a knot, so Find Out More

Autumn Is For Lovers — And Weddings!

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Yes, we have entered into the glorious autumn wedding season — and it’s not too late to create your own beautiful Sedona wedding this autumn! No need to worry about overheating — in the fall months you can enjoy the beauty of Sedona at any time of day. Mornings and evenings are crisp and cool, and afternoons are warm and inviting. This autumn the sky seems especially blue. And we’re still enjoying those wonderful flowers that grew in late summer from the ample monsoon rains. We are experts at making your wedding an experience of joyfulness and ease — with wedding and Find Out More

Special And Stress-free Sedona Elopement

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Sedona elopement at Airport Vortex in Sedona, Arizona. Congratulations to Michelle and Donny! Here’s what Michelle had to say about their beautiful elopement experience… Sedona Destination Weddings did a great job of making our elopement special and stress free. They provided us with a lot of high quality pictures that genuinely captured every moment. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a customer oriented company that exceeds expectations in the destination wedding field. -Michelle H.   Sedona Elopement Packages More Testimonials Top 5 Sedona Wedding Sites Video

Our Amazing Wedding

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Connie Caudill left the following testimonial for us online… Sedona Destination Weddings provided a unique and stress-free experience for our amazing wedding. Tony and I were joined in marriage on June 10, 2014. It was a beautiful and magical experience at the Airport Vortex. We chose the Southwestern Elopement Package, and also took the Wedding Prep and Site tour. Reverend Akal was professional and charismatic, which made our perfect wedding even more enjoyable. The video and pictures were gorgeous. We plan on returning for a Vow Renewal Ceremony on our 10th anniversary! Thanks Connie!  

Better Than I Expected!

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Rev. Patricia recently officiated the vow renewal ceremony of Bryan and Donna Tyrell at Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. Donna had this to say about their ceremony… “It was not what i expected. It was better than what I expected!!!! I would recommend your company to anybody.” Here are some of the beautiful photos of their vow renewal ceremony.