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Sedona Destination Weddings is in the news! Here are some of our latest news and television clips, press releases, articles and more. Sedona Wedding Week Retreat Provides Intimacy, Ceremony & Honeymoon… Cathedral Vista Earns Its Place as One of Best Sedona Wedding Venues Sedona Video Slideshow Provides Memorable Way to Capture Special Day Crystal Vortex Sedona Weddings Packages Offered at Outdoor Venues New Video Reveals Top 5 Outdoor Sedona Wedding Venues  

Why We Chose To Elope In Sedona…

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  Sedona Destination Weddings did a super job of making our day one to remember. Their services are top notch and with their picturesque “backyard” there is a spot to please anyone. The staff was professional, super friendly, and very informative of the surroundings. Pictures came out great and showed friends and family why we chose to elope in Sedona.  -Peter Roberts   Many thanks and warm congratulations to Peter and Juliet Roberts, married April 24, 2014 by Rev. Akal Jaggs at Lover’s Knoll in Sedona, Arizona! Take a look at all our Sedona elopement packages.

The Traditional Sand Ceremony

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The Sand Ceremony is a very popular wedding ritual. In this ritual, the bride and groom each come to the ceremony with a vessel filled with sand of a certain color. The different color sands in the separate vessels represent the uniqueness and the wholeness of each individual. If children are involved in the new union, they may each have a separate vessel of their own with their unique identifying colored sand. Bride and groom, then, each take turns holding their vessel and speaking of who they are as an individual, including their hopes and dreams for the future, as Find Out More

The Traditional Salt Covenant

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I really love this tradition. It’s based on Old Time agreements. Apparently, once you gave your word on a deal, you secured it by taking some salt out of your little salt pouch and putting it into the pouch of the person you were making the deal with. You could break your word whenever you wanted–you simply had to remove your exact grains of salt from his bag of salt. Impossible. Your word was your Word. A vow was a vow. No breaking it. The salt covenant comes from this tradition. In the ceremony, both the bride and groom blend Find Out More

Top 5 Wedding Sites: Red Rock Crossing

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Sedona has so many awesome and breathtakingly beautiful wedding venues. Some are easily accessible while others are accessed by a short hike, a bit of a climb or even a Jeep ride! Wherever you are the red rocks are magnificent and the vistas provide a fabulous backdrop for your wedding ceremony. The most popular wedding site by far is Red Rock Crossing. This is located right on Oak Creek with a magnificent view of Cathedral Rock. In fact, this is the second most photographed location in Arizona after the Grand Canyon. Red Rock Crossing is one of Sedona’s vortexes. As a magnetic Find Out More

Wedding Tats!

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At Sedona Destination Weddings, we get to see a number of bride and groom tattoos during our wedding services and commitment ceremonies. Tattoos especially for the wedding, decorative tattoos, name tattoos, henna tattoos and more. Here are a few of our favorites… Click on any image to enlarge it. What is it about your wedding that you want to be uniquely your own? We can help you brainstorm all the details that will make your special day unforgettable and uniquely you. Every Sedona wedding package and elopement package we have can be customized to reflect your needs and desires. Call Find Out More

The Ring Vows

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Wedding Rings are a symbol, a daily reminder of the Marriage Vows you have taken. There are many lovely Ring Vows.  Here’s a very sweet example: Groom: With this ring, I give you my promise that my heart will be your shelter, My arms your home. We will walk together through all things. Know that you are deeply loved. I feel honored to henceforth call you my wife and fortunate to forever call you my Love.  

The Passionate Creek Kiss

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We’ve seen lots of kisses over the years, but this one is sure to be a classic. It looks like something out of a romance novel! Mary Ann Bekris had this to say about her amazing Sedona wedding where we captured this passionately romantic kiss in Oak Creek. My fiance and I were heading to Sedona for vacation…and 5 weeks before the vacation, he asked me to marry him in Sedona. We made a phone call to Sedona Destination Weddings and were happily greeted by Patricia, who along with Iala made our wedding plans stress free and took care of Find Out More

The Importance Of Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings are so personal and they say so much. They are a symbol of the vows you have spoken. We very rarely have the opportunity in life to give our vow. Marriage is sacred in many ways. One of them is the vows. A vow is way more than a promise. A vow is your word. Not to be taken lightly. We must consider deeply and know our hearts truly before we make take such a serious step in our lives. That’s why the rings are so important. They are a daily, minute-by-minute reminder that we made such vows. Find Out More

The “Wedding Walk”

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I love the Sedona “wedding walk”–the new Mr. and Mrs. strolling towards their new life together. It’s like the first dance here in Sedona. This one is under the big shade trees of Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing. The bride and groom are always in a happy haze. “We did it! We’re married!!” Such a joyous walk in such a beautiful place. This photo brings back happy memories as the groom had contacted me seven months earlier from active duty in Afghanistan. I prayed for him until the moment he called me stateside and said, “I’m back, Reverend Iala. Find Out More

Taking A Leap Of Faith With Our Sedona Weddings

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Marriage is the great leap of faith.  That’s because when we marry we promise to love each other–not only as we feel today–but as we intend to feel for a lifetime. With our Sedona weddings, we celebrate the love that will grow and deepen over a lifetime. The leap of faith is a good thing. On your wedding day, it is a jump for JOY! May you always remember the Joy that set wings to your feet. Amen.

Superman Marries Lille Lane

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Flash back to September 22: Superman married his Lois Lane or Miss Lille at Airport Vortex. It was the Fall Equinox and a powerful day and a powerful ceremony. They chose from our Sedona Wedding Packages. It was a two-day, never-to-be-forgotten event. Lille and Superman went out onto the vortexes with Akal and had a chance to really connect with the energies have a transformational experience. Together they chose the wedding site that they both Superman and Lille resonated with. The wedding day was very intense–everything from sunshine to hail! I was not worried a bit. I knew that the Find Out More

Sugar Loaf: A Sweet Spot And A Wedding Tree To Get Married

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Sugar Loaf is one of the popular Sedona wedding venues and is one of those sweet local spots you love to visit. It’s one of those popular places to get married in Sedona. Not many visitors find it or even know how very special Sugar Loaf is. It’s known as the very heart center of the Americas. An unassuming little knoll in the middle of West Sedona, it has wonderful views of Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot. It’s a fabulous wedding site at sunset. The light on the scenery is amazing and you are up close and personal with some beautiful red tones. Find Out More

The Sacred Union Ceremony and the Faery Blessing

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Here are two excerpts from our Sedona Celtic Wedding, the Sacred Union Ceremony and the Faery Blessing, that can also be used in elopement, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies. May the Winds of communication blow ever between us; may the Fires of love sustain us; may the Waters of life heal and soothe us; and may the strength of the Earth bind and steady us throughout our time together. And here is the beautiful Faery Blessing: Above you are the stars below you are the stones as time does pass Remember Like a star should your love be constant Like Find Out More

Sedona Winter Wedding

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Wintertime wonderland wedding! It took a lot of trust on the part of our bride and groom. All day long it was raining. Just before the wedding, it turned to snow. And there we were in a beautiful Winter Wonderland. Truly Sedona does not do ugly. She is beautiful in any weather and every day! Our bride and groom were thrilled. Snow is Sedona is fairly rare–they definitely were blessed. No one even felt the cold. In fact, the bride wore open-toed shoes through the snow drifts. We were on a a snowy Cloud 9. And all the pictures are Find Out More

Sedona Weddings In The Fall Are Pure Bliss…

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Fall is a very special time in Sedona.  The weather is perfect with temperatures in the low 80’s and the bluest skies you have ever seen. Sedona’s Red Rocks stand out crisp and clear in this autumn light.  A Sedona Wedding in the autumn is truly magical.    Any time of the day is special.  Early mornings have a glow that  feels other worldly.  Sunsets are full of reds and golds and magenta. The sun is kind and gentle in the fall here in the high desert.  All of our Fall  Bride’s shine with an inner and a very serene Find Out More