Superman Marries Lille Lane

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Flash back to September 22: Superman married his Lois Lane or Miss Lille at Airport Vortex. It was the Fall Equinox and a powerful day and a powerful ceremony. They chose from our Sedona Wedding Packages. It was a two-day, never-to-be-forgotten event. Lille and Superman went out onto the vortexes with Akal and had a chance to really connect with the energies have a transformational experience. Together they chose the wedding site that they both Superman and Lille resonated with. The wedding day was very intense–everything from sunshine to hail! I was not worried a bit. I knew that the Find Out More

Sugar Loaf: A Sweet Spot And A Wedding Tree To Get Married

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Sugar Loaf is one of the popular Sedona wedding venues and is one of those sweet local spots you love to visit. It’s one of those popular places to get married in Sedona. Not many visitors find it or even know how very special Sugar Loaf is. It’s known as the very heart center of the Americas. An unassuming little knoll in the middle of West Sedona, it has wonderful views of Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot. It’s a fabulous wedding site at sunset. The light on the scenery is amazing and you are up close and personal with some beautiful red tones. Find Out More

The Sacred Union Ceremony and the Faery Blessing

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Here are two excerpts from our Sedona Celtic Wedding, the Sacred Union Ceremony and the Faery Blessing, that can also be used in elopement, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies. May the Winds of communication blow ever between us; may the Fires of love sustain us; may the Waters of life heal and soothe us; and may the strength of the Earth bind and steady us throughout our time together. And here is the beautiful Faery Blessing: Above you are the stars below you are the stones as time does pass Remember Like a star should your love be constant Like Find Out More

Sedona Winter Wedding

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Wintertime wonderland wedding! It took a lot of trust on the part of our bride and groom. All day long it was raining. Just before the wedding, it turned to snow. And there we were in a beautiful Winter Wonderland. Truly Sedona does not do ugly. She is beautiful in any weather and every day! Our bride and groom were thrilled. Snow is Sedona is fairly rare–they definitely were blessed. No one even felt the cold. In fact, the bride wore open-toed shoes through the snow drifts. We were on a a snowy Cloud 9. And all the pictures are Find Out More

Sedona Weddings In The Fall Are Pure Bliss…

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Fall is a very special time in Sedona.  The weather is perfect with temperatures in the low 80’s and the bluest skies you have ever seen. Sedona’s Red Rocks stand out crisp and clear in this autumn light.  A Sedona Wedding in the autumn is truly magical.    Any time of the day is special.  Early mornings have a glow that  feels other worldly.  Sunsets are full of reds and golds and magenta. The sun is kind and gentle in the fall here in the high desert.  All of our Fall  Bride’s shine with an inner and a very serene Find Out More

Top 5 Sedona Wedding Sites: Bell Rock

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Bell Rock is a well known Sedona monument–both because of its distinctive bell shape and its powerful vortex energies. As such, it is one of the top five wedding sites in Sedona. It also has great views of the valley in front of it, with Courthouse beside it, and Twin Buttes and Cathedral in the distance. Bell Rock is a male vortex site with very electric energy. We call it “Pa Bell” because it gives you a direct line to the Creator! It’s a great place to send up your prayers and intentions for your marriage as the vortex acts Find Out More

Top 5 Sedona Wedding Sites – Airport Vortex

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Airport Mesa Vortex is perfect for small weddings Airport Vortex is one of my all time favorite Sedona wedding venues on the planet. This vortex has such powerful and transformational energy. This is an electric/magnetic vortex. That means it is balanced between male and female. This wedding couple chose our Sacred Sedona Wedding Package to fulfill their dream wedding. This is a two-day event. On day one, the bride and groom went on a powerful vortex tour with our Shaman, Akal. He took them out to many of the weddings sites, helped them access the energies and prepared them for Find Out More

Sedona Wedding Ceremony Traditions

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There are so many lovely wedding traditions that you can add to your ceremony to add richness and color and to express your uniqueness and your love in a fuller manner. These traditions come from a variety of cultures and historical times. A very popular one is the Unity Candle and a lesser known one is the Honey Ceremony. The Hindus have a lovely tradition called the 7 Steps. The Rose Ceremony is a sweet reminder of your wedding day throughout your life. There’s the Hand Fasting tradition from the Druids and the Sand Ceremony, which is colorful and leaves Find Out More

Sedona Wedding Bouquets

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Sedona Destination Weddings are a feast for the eyes — and the nose! Take a peek at some of our stunning Sedona wedding bouquets…  Sedona Destination Weddings provides wedding bouquets and boutonnieres that are always fresh and amazing. Just tell us your color preferences and special requests and we’ll deliver a fragrant piece of walking art. And our flowers add more than a layer of pleasing aroma — they also provide wonderful pops of color in photos of your special day. Our Sedona Spirit Package includes a bouquet and boutonniere–or you can add flowers to any of our packages. Including the Find Out More

Sedona Ring Bearer

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This little angel was a sweet addition to one Sedona wedding. She patiently waited with the rings around her neck until just the right moment. When I called her to come, she pranced up to the altar bearing the rings. She brought a smile to all our hearts and a special touch of love to the ceremony. Your Sedona wedding party comes in all shapes and sizes and species. This wedding took place at Airport Vortex. It was an elopement on the coldest day that Sedona has experienced in many years. This lovely young couple were determined that that was Find Out More

Sedona Red Rock Views

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This is the view of Cathedral Rock from Airport Vortex. I love Airport Vortex for small, intimate elopements. Especially on a quiet weekday morning. Chances are we will have it all to our selves. A view of Cathedral like this in your wedding album is priceless. Wherever you go in Sedona, there are amazing red rock backdrops. Each day and every hour of the day is unique. You never capture the same photo twice. The light, the clouds, the shadows reveal new aspects of the rocks in every moment. Sedona is a very photogenic lady. Truly a photographer’s paradise and Find Out More

Down The Aisle in a Pink Jeep: Your Sedona Wedding of a Lifetime

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The Marriage of Natural Beauty: The Perfect Backdrop Sedona, Arizona is an increasingly popular spot for a destination wedding in the United States. The majestic beauty of Sedona adds a sacredness to your vows. There’s also plenty of romance in the air and lots of activities for you and your guests to enjoy. What would make your Sedona destination wedding extra special? Some adventure? How about a pink chariot? An open-air ride to your ceremony and reception? May be sweeping red rock views as the backdrop for your nuptials? Yup. Sedona Destination Weddings has all this to offer you. We’ll Find Out More

Why It’s Good To Start Your Marriage “On The Rocks

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Outdoor weddings hold unique charms. Sedona weddings do, as well. Combine the two — Sedona outdoor weddings — and you have an incredible start to your new life together. My favorite reason for having your Sedona wedding in an outdoor venue is simple — connecting to nature while celebrating your love. The natural world is always growing and renewing — a perfect reflection of your new future as husband and wife.  Just as is so often quoted in respect to the wedding couple, nature also is not petty, does not hold grudges, and is always in a process of change and growth. Another Find Out More

The Perfect Sedona Elopement Experience

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Sedona elopement? Yes, Sedona is the perfect place to elope! Imagine a private, very intimate wedding–just you and your Beloved and the powerful, majestic red rocks! This is the ultimate stress-free wedding experience. Nothing to do, save express your love and commitment to one another and create a memory that will live on in your hearts forever. Kevin and Colleen loved their Sedona elopement. We wanted to thank you so much for the magical wedding at Cathedral Rock!!!!!!!!! Wow, if we had not discovered Sedona Destination Weddings, we would never have known it was possible to be married in such Find Out More

Sedona Commitment Ceremonies

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In addition to lots and lots of weddings, Sedona Destination Weddings also does Sedona commitment ceremonies. This is a wonderful opportunity to declare and commit to your partner and your love. This is a ceremony where the emphasis is on your sacred union. Each partner has an opportunity to share the depth of their feelings and state vows that are meaningful and heartfelt to their beloved. The Commitment Ceremony is between you and your beloved. This is an exclusively spiritual union. It’s a wonderful gift to each other and a fantastic celebration of love. We have a beautiful Sacred Union Find Out More

Sedona Bride

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Red Rock Crossing is a beautiful wedding location in the early morning hours. The place is quiet. You might have some ducks swim by or a heron fly overhead. And once a horse came down to the water to drink. Cathedral Rock at Red Rock Cossing is the second most photographed spot in Arizona after the Grand Canyon. The morning hours here hold a special charm–calm, quiet, deserted. This is when Sedona’s magic really shines. Cathedral stands tall and majestic above you and shimmers in the water below you. Our beautiful Sedona bride seems to be in bliss. Soaking up Find Out More