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There are so many lovely wedding traditions that you can add to your ceremony to add richness and color and to express your uniqueness and your love in a fuller manner.

These traditions come from a variety of cultures and historical times.

A very popular one is the Unity Candle and a lesser known one is the Honey Ceremony.

The Hindus have a lovely tradition called the 7 Steps. The Rose Ceremony is a sweet reminder of your wedding day throughout your life. There’s the Hand Fasting tradition from the Druids and the Sand Ceremony, which is colorful and leaves you with a daily reminder in your home of your special day and the vows you made. The Hawaiians use leis and the Native Americans use the Wedding Vase Ceremony.

Then there’s the Wedding Pouch Ceremony, which is unique to Sedona Destination Weddings. It’s a lovely little tradition that we created in the Spirit of creating a Sedona wedding tradition found nowhere else.

It’s a lovely touch to add a tradition to your ceremony.