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Sedona Destination Weddings are a feast for the eyes — and the nose! Take a peek at some of our stunning Sedona wedding bouquets…

Sedona Destination Weddings provides wedding bouquets and boutonnieres that are always fresh and amazing. Just tell us your color preferences and special requests and we’ll deliver a fragrant piece of walking art.

And our flowers add more than a layer of pleasing aroma — they also provide wonderful pops of color in photos of your special day.

Our Sedona Spirit Package includes a bouquet and boutonniere–or you can add flowers to any of our packages.

Including the bouquet and boutonniere in your package is just one more way that we make it easy and stress free for you. We do the ordering, we pick-up, and we deliver right to your hands.

That’s our goal.  To make your wedding day as full of grace and love as possible–and completely free of stress. We’ll even give you a hand pinning that boutonniere!