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Wedding rings are so personal and they say so much. They are a symbol of the vows you have spoken. We very rarely have the opportunity in life to give our vow. Marriage is sacred in many ways. One of them is the vows. A vow is way more than a promise. A vow is your word. Not to be taken lightly. We must consider deeply and know our hearts truly before we make take such a serious step in our lives.

That’s why the rings are so important. They are a daily, minute-by-minute reminder that we made such vows. That we felt so deeply we came to a place in our lives and our relationship with another human being that we were more than ready to give our vow.

Rings are more than a reminder, they are reassurance when times are hard. Yes, we really are loved and do love deeply. They are a constant celebration of Love and its magic and possibility and gift in our lives. Behold the wedding ring!